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Iragua Medical Centre

The Community project for Tanzania 2015 is the renovation of the Iragua Medical Centre. This is going to be completed in two building phases.

Phase 1 – Wing 1
a.         Providing a new maternity section for the medical centre
b.         To provide a piped water supply from the nearby well to the medical centre (and a spur to the nearby pre-school).
c.         To provide new toilets and showers for the maternity section and general medical centre.
d.         To renovate and redecorate the existing medical centre

Phase 2 – Wing 2
e.          Extend the existing buildings to provide new ward facilities

It is planned that Phase 1 (at a cost of approx. £20,000) will be undertaken in August 2015.

If we can obtain a grant, Phase 2 (at a cost of approx. £20,000) will also be undertaken in August 2015.







****** New Pictures of the Medical Centre are Available here ********

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FR 1 (Plan PDF)

FR 2 (Plan PDF)

FR 3 (Plan PDF)

FR 4 (Plan PDF)