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Tanzania 2017

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Tanzania 2017 Scout / Explorer Applications – Have now closed!
We have left the Tanzania 2017 YP Q&A in case you wish to refer to it.
Closing date for Young People Applications is 16th October 2016 – but please do not leave it to the last minute!

Tanzania 2017 Leader Applications –  Have now closed!
We have left the Tanzania 2017 Leaders Q&A in case you wish to refer to it.

We are now rolling on to the Young People selection weekend, 13th – 15th November 2015.

A Power Point presentation for showing to leaders and districts is now available – T17-Leaders2

Take a look at some of our videos from 2015.
Team’s first reaction to the project – Iragua Project – First Reaction
Slideshow of pictures from Tanzania 2015 in HD – T15-SlideShow
Iragua Build – From the Drone – Iragua Build
Iragua Opening – From the Drone – Iragua Opening
Kipepeo Beach Resort – From the Drone – Snorkling and Island

The Tanzania 15 expedition Photo Album is available here T15 Photos

Tanzania 2017 Core Team Vacancy!
The expedition has a core team of leaders, who are undertaking the top level planning and co-ordination roles, and to guide, support and assist the leader teams. We are looking specifically for a Doctor and / or Paramedic to join the core team. Please E-mail Jools on macawleader@hotmail.com if you are interested in this.

What it is all about!
The plan is to take 8-10 Expedition teams to Tanzania for up to 4 weeks in the summer holidays of 2017. The expedition is to carry out community projects, a safari, activities, and to hold a Jamboree with Tanzanian Scouts to help celebrate their centenary. We hope to take 200 Explorer Scouts, Network Scouts and Leaders.

We are looking for 6-8 teams to undertake various community projects, such as renovating schools, medical centres or skills training workshops. We are looking for 1 team to undertake the redevelopment of the Tanzania National Scout Campsite.

The expedition teams will be supported by a core team of leaders who will support the teams in the UK in the training phase and in Tanzania for the expedition. The core team will help organise flights, in country transport, community projects, activities, Safari and the Jamboree. We are planning to also have medical expertise within the core team.

We are looking for leaders to form small leader teams (of between 4-6 leaders), and to then recruit team members. These leaders / teams could be based around a Network, a District, an Explorer Unit, or across all of Hampshire (and even spreading out from Hampshire).

Each Leader Team will need to work hard over a two year period. Whilst some activities will be planned and organised by the core team, each leader team will need to:

a. Plan and run their own team training program. This normally includes a selection weekend, plus seven training weekends.

b. Help the team fundraise their expedition fees (likely to be in the region of £2,600 – £3,000 per person), plus fundraise the money for the community project (likely to be in the region of £10k – £20k).

c. Plan the expedition with the core team.

d. Organise the management of the team and the accounting (within either the District or County depending on the structure).

e. Undertake the 4 week expedition

The expedition is run under Hampshire County Scouts. The leader of the Core Team is Jools (Julian Sore), currently assisted by Flic, Chris, Sophie and Claire.

We are looking for the majority of the expedition leaders and team members to be from Hampshire, but we are open to leaders and teams from outside of Hampshire. Under Hampshire Scout rules, this is a Scouting expedition.