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Welcome to International Scout Expeditions

Tanzania 2015
This years expedition has just returned. The expedition Photo Album is available here
T15 Photos
Hampshire Scouting is planning a massive expedition to Tanzania in 2017. We have 26 leaders and 81 young people (currently aged 12-18) now formed into 5 project teams! For further information on Tanzania 2017, please go to our Tanzania 2017 page.

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Welcome to the home page of the Tanzania 2017 International Scout Expedition.

Every few years, we take a group of Explorer Scouts to Africa to complete a major community project. Examples and pictures from past projects can be found here.

The expedition to Tanzania 2015 was to develop the medical centre at Iragua. This project has just completed.

The expedition to Tanzania in 2017 has now closed, and we now have 5 project teams set up to run five different projects in the summer of 2017. Click here for more on Tanzania 2017

We have not made any plans for expeditions beyond 2017 yet.

What do we do on an expedition?
The expedition is usually broken down into three sections
a. Acclimatisation – Includes some sight seeing and relaxation.
b. Community Project Work – This is the main purpose and the main section of the expedition. The Community Project for 2015 will be to renovate the Iragua Medical Centre.
c. Sightseeing, Safari and adventure activities such as White Water Rafting, Quad Biking etc.

Aims and Objectives of the expedition.

1. To return all team members safe and well to the UK.
2. To Develop Scouts from the UK, to have a deep appreciation of life in a third world country, to be able to work together as a team, to understand different peoples needs, to give support to all members of the team, and to become leaders of the future.
3. To Develop the leaders from the Leader Team to become better leaders, and expedition leaders of the future.
4. To complete a community project in a third world country, that substantially benefits the local community, which they can take ownership of the project.
5. To develop Scouting in the community of the country we visit.


The expedition is run under Hampshire County Scouts.


For further information, please contact the Expedition Leader:Julian Sore
County International Advisor
Hampshire County Scouts
7 Monxton Road
Hants. SP10 3LY
Mob. 0778 9966440